Invertebrate zoology slides

Invertebrate zoology slides

In this repository you can find the slides I created and used in the practical invertebrate zoology class in between Sep 2022 and Jan 2023.


The first-year students that were enrolled in this course were pursuing a Bachelor degree in "Biological Sciences" at the University of Bologna (Italy). The primary objective of this class was to let students meet the fascinating biodiversity of non-vertebrate animals, allowing them to engage directly with museum and didactic specimens, both macro- and microscopic. I also arranged sessions with (non-hazardous) living organisms, where we conducted microscopic observations of soil and moss environments (i.e., nematodes, rotifers, mites, etc.) or plankton feeding for aquarium (i.e., rotifers, copepods, etc.), or by showing insect breedings.

In particular, I wanted to introduce students to evolutionary thinking, by including a primer of phylogenetic trees and vocaboulary. But above all, I wanted students to realize how they come into contact with invertebrates on a daily basis, and thus that zoology and evolution are tangible subjects and can help them in better appreciating the world around them.

The frontal lectures, along with the corresponding slides, were limited to the first segment of each class, while the rest of time was dedicated to the above-mentioned practical activities.