Last updated: Feb 28, 2024

Introduction to bioinformatics

In my GitHub personal page you can find a brief introduction to bioinformatics. There, I explain the most common bash commands that bioinformaticians usually deal with.

Take it as a friendly resource for accessing commonly used commands in early bioinformatics.

bash github tutorial

Poster collection

Here you can find the pdfs of posters where I was involved. Posters that I personally presented are indicated by a DNA symbol. Click on the titles to see the full posters and download them!

Illustration portfolio

In my free-time I also like drawing. And sometimes I try to merge this hobby with my research work and get custom illustrations to use on papers and/or other publications.

At the moment I am mostly self-trained, as I just attended a virtual course in nature illustration in 2021. But I hope one day to be able to get some more professional trainig.

Feel free to get in touch if you may need something of this kind ✏️🖍️
  • Animal icons. These have been used to decorate phylogenetic trees, plots and other paper figures. Up to now, I've mostly focused on organisms that I personally study (i.e., branchiopods and bivalves).

animal silhouettes

  • Insect developmental biology. These have been used in the chapter "Hexapods: reproductive biology and life cycles" ("Esapodi: biologia riproduttiva e cicli vitali"), edited by Barbara Mantovani, Liliana Milani and Rialdo Nicoli Aldini, from the book "Systematics and evolution of hexapods" ("Sistematica ed evoluzione degli esapodi"), edited by Alessandro Minelli e Marco A. Bologna, Liguori Editori (2023). All rights reserved.

insect development